Murder, Murder of Meredith Kercher

Amanda Knox co-defendant Rudy Guede Fights Back – Interview with English Subtitles


The beginning of Rudy Guede’s interview with Franca Leosini on RAI 3 Italian show Storie Maledette (Cursed Stories) has been translated into English thanks to Eric Paroissien of

Rudy Guede is the third person believed to be involved in the murder of Meredith Kercher along with Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.  “He apologized to the Kercher family for not doing enough to help their daughter, but also denied having murdered her, and protested he should not be the only one to pay the price of imprisonment for it. He demanded a retrial of the facts. This interview, viewed by 1.5 million households in Italy with a share of 5.32%, has now been picked up by 400+ media outlets world-wide.”  While Knox and Sollecito were acquitted last year, Rudy Guede remains in prison.

Knox and Sollecito were very upset by the airing of Rudy Guede’s interview and both of their lawyers have threatened to sue the tv station for any damage done to their reputations.  In the interview Guede points the finger at Knox and Sollecito, standing by his original story that they were both present at the scene of the crime.  Knox’s lawyer went so far as to call Guede ‘the king of liars.’ 

The full interview is two hours long and may be viewed in its entirety, in Italian, here.  Eric has been working hard to translate the interview, section by section, adding English subtitles.  He has released the introduction of the interview below in four separate videos. THANK YOU ERIC!!

These introduction videos describe Rudy Guede’s background and he responds to the negative way he has been portrayed in the press and by Knox and Sollecito in court.  He also talks about how he knew Meredith and Amanda.

Part 1  – The show begins with a tribute to Meredith Kercher and an introduction to Amanda Knox, and Raffaele Sollcito. It then delves into Rudy’s childhood.  It describes his father tearing him away from his mother in the Ivory Coast when he was five years old.  His father brought him to Italy to have a better life.


Part 2 – Rudy’s childhood in Italy, good friends he made as well as a teacher who took him under her wing.  Leosini spoke to his elementary school teacher and relayed what she remembered about Rudy as a child.  They also cover his adoption by a wealthy family in Perugia when he was a teenager and his transition from adolescence to adulthood.  He admits that he drank alcohol but was not a heavy drug user.


Part 3 – In this part of the interview they discuss how Rudy’s character has been maligned in the press.  He has been called a career criminal and thief.  However, Rudy denies this, explaining that he had no criminal record at all before Meredith was murdered.  He also gives his side of the story about the much discussed incident when he was arrested after he spent the night in a daycare center in Milan the week before the murder.  One of Rudy’s professors also makes an appearance and gives his impressions of Rudy.


Part 4 – In this part of the interview, Leosini asks Rudy about how he met Meredith and the circumstances of their relationship.  Leosini confronts him about the doubts that have been given against his alleged relationship with Meredith and Rudy responds to the rumors.  Leosini asks him about how he met Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher and what his version of events are as compared to what Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have given in their books and multiple interviews.  Rudy said that he met Amanda Knox for the first time in early September at Patrick Lumumba’s bar ‘Le Chic.’   He said that Amanda was working as a waitress there at the time and that she spoke to him in her ‘odd Italian.’  He goes into detail of their conversation and how they also hung out together with the young men who were friends of Rudy that lived downstairs from Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox.  Rudy also describes what he remembers about Meredith. The first thing he said to her was, “I bet you were born in December,” and he was right.  His impression of her was that she was serious, confident and charismatic.


Part 5 – Rudy discusses the night that Meredith Kercher was murdered. Leosini lists the various speculations of how Rudy entered the cottage and Rudy responds.  Leosini asks him to relay the events step-by-step of how he entered the home that night and what happend with Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. He said that Meredith complained about Amanda Knox and that he learned that there were many disagreements between Meredith and Amanda.


Part 6 –  Rudy continues to recount what happened in that cottage the night that Meredith Kercher was stabbed to death.  He describes the man that was with Amanda Knox and discovering Meredith bleeding in her room.  Leosini challenges his cowardly actions that he admits to.

Part 7 – Leosini confronts Rudy with what the experts say versus his version of events.  She asks him about the many disagreements among experts in the case.  He says that Meredith put a key in the inside door lock and that is why Amanda Knox had to ring the bell that night to get in.

Part 8 – Franca Leosini confronts Rudy about the inconsistencies in his story from what investigators found. Guede said Meredith was fully dressed when he left but investigators found her half naked.  He said the rooms were tidy and in order but when police arrived the next day, the room was a mess.  Guede again states the Amanda Knox was there. He said that they staged the break-in in Filomena’s room and that he had nothing to do with it.

Part 9 – Franca Leosini asks Rudy Guede for is explanation for his DNA found at the crime scene. His professor gives his opinions on what the courts said about Rudy’s involvement.  The courts said that Rudy did not stab Meredith because he couldn’t be the person who held the knife.  The courts determined that Rudy was an accomplice to others in a murder.

Part 10 – Franca Leosini reads parts of the judgement of the Court of Cassation which acquitted Knox and Sollecito and how it indirectly affects Rudy Guede.  She asks Guede how he felt about Knox and Sollecito’s acquittals.  Then Leosini reads off quotes by Raffaele Sollecito about Guede to get Guede’s response.  Raffaele  stated on TV that Rudy was the only one responsible for murder and that justice had been done.  Rudy says Raffale is like a fool making noise and that he lacks common sense.

Part 11 (Final) -Rudy discusses how he wants a retrial as he feels his judgement is unfair.   A view of his life in prison and graduating with a degree in history.

4 thoughts on “Amanda Knox co-defendant Rudy Guede Fights Back – Interview with English Subtitles”

  1. I believe the case put forward by the defence. Because Amanda Knox did not get on with Meredith, she led a pack attack on Meredith and it was Knox who murdered Meredith. Although the other 2 were led along, they had not intended for this to happen. I therefore believe that Rudy Guede was involved in this pack attack, he is innocent of the murder.


  2. The guy is quilty. I watched the whole documentart but i was also listening to the background music they used. May I please know the title and the artist?


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