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Postal workers caught pinching cards

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It is being reported on December 29, 2015 that two N.Y. postal workers have been arrested for not delivering all of their mail and stealing gift cards.  Daniel Darby and James Hayden are each facing separate charges for mishandling U.S. mail.

Daniel Darby was a mailman in Queens while Haydean delivered mail in Brooklyn.  “U.S. Postal Service agents from the agency’s office of inspector general targeted both men after receiving complaints from the public.”

While under surveillance, Darby was caught dumping three garbage bags stuffed with mail.  After he was confronted by authorities, he sheepishly stated that he felt overwhelmed by the amount of letters he needed to deliver.  Darby also admitted to opening some envelopes to see what was inside.

His co-worker, James Hayden, was also detained after he was caught opening mail and stealing gift cards.  “Agents confronted him with surveillance footage of him – in his postal uniform – shopping in stores in Red Hook and paying for the items with gift cards that he allegedly stole.”

Hayden admitted to Special Agent Jonathan Jominez that he had been stealing from the mail for approximately one year.  Agents found some stolen gift cards in Hayden’s wallet.  “The complaint states that Hayden admitted stealing about 50 gift cards worth a total of $1,000. He targeted mail that he believed contained gift cards. “

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