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Rich teen on the run

Youtube Screen Capture

It is being reported on December 16, 2015 that the wealthy Texas teenager who killed four people while drunk driving, has become a fugitive of the law.

“An arrest warrant has been issued for the Texas teen who avoided jail time in the drunken-driving deaths of four people two years ago because he has failed to check in with his probation officer, according to Tarrant County Juvenile Services and the teenager’s lawyers. ”

Ethan Couch was only sixteen years old when he drove a truck while under the influence of alcohol.  His blood alcohol level was  three times the legal limit.

While on trial his defense was “affluenza,” blaming his wealthy parents for allowing him to behave recklessly.  “Couch’s defense team, which included psychologist Dr. G. Dick Miller, argued that the teen suffered from “affluenza,” meaning his irresponsible behavior and lifestyle were a product of his affluent upbringing and ‘profoundly dysfunctional’ parents.”

While some called him simply spoiled, the “affluenza” defense allowed the teenager to avoid a prison sentence.  He was given ten years probation with rehab and regular alcohol and drug tests.

His mother is believed to be on the run with the now 18-year-old fugitive as neither of them could be found at home by probation officers.

Earlier this month, a video emerged which shows Couch playing a drinking game with friends.


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