Mystery deepens in TX dentist death

It is being reported on September 6, 2015 that an arrest has been made in the murder of Dr. Kendra Hatcher, a 35-year-old Texas pediatric dentist.  23-year-old Crystal Cortes, has been arrested and charged with Capital Murder.  She is being held on a $250, 000.00 bond.

Dr. Hatcher was shot in a parking garage at 7:45 PM on Wednesday, September 2, 2015.  “Cortes has admitted her involvement in the murder and has given detectives information that other unidentified suspects may have been involved.” Cortes was identified by the jeep she drove into the garage with the assailant.  She borrowed the jeep from someone else, who ended up being the one who turned her into the police.

Cortes told the police that the shooter paid her $500 to drive him to the garage to rob the woman.  The man was captured on video as he exited the Jeep Cherokee “… shot Hatcher, and stole several pieces of property from her.”

“But many, including Hatcher’s aunt Lisa Soto, are questioning her story.  ‘That’s just not the way robberies happen. There was just no reason for a robber to kill her, to get whatever it was they took,’ said Soto.  There is also the question of why a person would pay $500 for the robbery of one individual, not to mention the shooter’s identity and whether Hatcher was specifically targeted.”

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