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TSA agents in trouble again and again

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been in trouble with abusing their positional power at the airports again and again.  The latest airport antic reported in the news on September 4,2015 when TSA screener, Margo Louree-Grant, stole a $7,000 watch that a traveler accidentally left behind.

“The watch, completely covered in white diamonds, had been placed in a plastic bin for screening by passenger Bindoo Ahluwalia.”  A short while later, when the traveler returned and was searching for it, Louree-Grant destroyed the watch in an attempt to avoid being caught.  “Louree-Grant was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court Thursday night and released without bail, officials said.”

Just the day before, on September 3, 2015 it was reported that two TSA employees conspired together and manipulated the scanning machine to flag attractive passengers resulting in groping body searches..  “Although no criminal charges were filed, TSA fired screener Ty Spicha and his coworker Yasmeen Shafi after the alleged groping conspiracy came to light.”

A third recent incident, reported on August 31, 2015 occurred at La Guardia airport in New York.  TSA worker, Maxie Oquendo, 40, directed a 21-year-old Korean exchange student into a bathroom for a body search where he sexually assaulted her.    The young woman alerted Port Authority officials of the attack and Oquendo was fired and arrested.  Oquendo ” . . . was held on $3,000 bail after he was charged with sexually molesting an airline passenger.”

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