Murder, Murder of Reeva Steenkamp

Interview with authors of book ‘Fugitive’ – Oscar Pistorius


Lisa Wilson and Nick van der Leek’s latest book about Oscar Pistorius is called Fugitive.  Their ninth book about the murder of Reeva Steenkamp.  Delving into Pistorius’s life, Wilson and van der Leek reveal what Oscar may be running from.   What really happened the night he shot Reeva to death and why.

Currently his early release is being debated while prosecutor’s seek to annul his acquittal.  Oscar’s state of mind is up for debate as well as the evidence from the crime scene.  This book researches Oscar’s life and how he has attained a sense of entitlement over time while his behavior has deteriorated.

Is Oscar displaying schizophrenic behavior or is he just riddled with anxiety due to his handicap?  Was Reeva’s murder premeditated?  Why did he feel the need to shoot her to death?  Why did he beat the bathroom door open with a bat?

This and other questions are discussed in their new book FugitiveClick here to listen to interview with Lisa Wilson and Nick van der Leek about their latest Oscar Pistorius book.

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