Canada’s youngest triple-murderer has curfew lifted

It is being reported on August 20, 2015 that the youngest triple-murderer in Canadian history is having her curfew lifted nine years into her sentence, in order to prepare her for a normal life.

Jasmine Richardson was 12-years-old when she murdered her family because they did not approve of her 23-year-old boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke.  Together the couple stabbed both of her parents and 8-year-old brother to death in 2006.

The bodies of “Marc Richardson, 41, Debra Richardson, 48, and their son, Jacob, 8 . .  were found Sunday, April 23, 2006.”  The young woman’s ” . . .10-year youth sentence expires May 7, 2016, and she continued on her path toward freedom Thursday when a judge removed her weekday curfew. Her curfew on weekends was removed at an earlier court date.”

“Her co-accused, 32-year-old Jeremy Steinke, was convicted and sentenced in 2008 to three concurrent 25-years-to-life sentences on three counts of first-degree murder.”

Steinke admitted to killing his girlfriend’s mother and father, but neither Steinke nor Jasmine would confess to murdering her brother.   They each pointed the finger at the other for stabbing the boy to death.

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