Shayna Hubers – narcissist who couldn’t handle rejection sentenced to forty years for murder


On August 14, 2015 a psychologist testified in court that Shayna Hubers, “has a narcissistic personality, a damaged self-image and an ‘extreme difficulty with rejection.'”  Hubers, 24, was found guilty of shooting Ryan Poston, 29, six times and watched him die before calling for help.  She was sentenced to life in prison.

She “sat there and watched him … as he twitched,” Campbell Commonwealth’s Attorney Michelle Snodgrass told Stine. “Instead of picking up the phone and calling for help, she raises the gun and fires again.”

Hubers killed Poston on October 12, 2012 because he wanted to end their relationship.

The couple met through Facebook in 2011 and by  April 2012, six months before the killing, they were going through their third break-up. Poston sent a text message to a friend that month: “‘This is getting to be restraining-order-level crazy.’  Poston complained that Hubers had sent ’75 texts in the last hour’ and showed up unexpectedly at his Highland Heights condominium.”

Hubers told police that she “cackled” as she shot her boyfriend who was getting ready to go on a date with a former Miss Ohio.  Hubers tried to claim self-defense in her attack but forensic evidence showed that Poston was sitting down at a table when she began shooting him.  She also shot him when he was on the ground twitching.

Before shooting him to death, Hubers has thrown some objects around the room to make it appear as if there had been a struggle.  Hubers told cell-mates that she considered pleading insanity but she felt that she was too intelligent. Cell-mate Cicily Miller testified that Hubers, ” . . .said she was too smart because she has an IQ of Einstein. And so she was going to plead the wife-battered syndrome.”

Hubers was found guilty back in April.  On August 14, 2015, it took the jury five hours to  sentence her to forty years in prison. Experts say she was lucky to have avoided the death penalty.

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