Bobbi Kristina

Bobbi Kristina died from a ‘bad batch’ of heroin claims former roommate


It’s being reported on August 14, 2015 that Bobbi Kristina’s old roommate, Mason Whitaker, wrote on his facebook page, “If you knew real facts about the case, you would know that max[sic] and Danyela convinced Krissi to start shooting up about a month before her death.

And max[sic] and Danyela gave her bad heroine[sic] to shoot after nick beat her up.  And that max, nick and Danyela all tried to cover up the scene and make it look like an accident and didn’t call police until about 20 minutes after she was dead.”

Whitney Houston’s only child was found face down in her bath tub on January 31, 2015 almost three years to the day Whitney was found dead in similar circumstances in a Beverly Hills hotel on February 11, 2012.  Kristina’s boyfriend Nick Gordon was the one to have allegedly found her. Kristina was in a coma for six months until she passed away on July 26, 2015.

There were three other people in the house when Kristina was found unconscious: Nick Gordon, Max Lomas and Danyela Bradley.  According to Whitaker,  Kristina did not like Max and Danyela.  They had been invited over by Kristina’s partner Nick.  So far only Nick Gordon has been charged with a wrongful death lawsuit by Kristina’s family.  Nick is fighting the lawsuit stating that it is false and slandering his name.

Whitaker claims that Kristina’s aunt Pat had attempted to bribe the couple, Max and Danyela to shift all of the blame onto Nick Gordon for Kristina’s untimely demise.  It was reported that Kristina’s family had been doing their own investigation into what happened.  The family invited 18-year-old Danyela to visit Kristina when she was in hospice but  “ . . .when she arrived, family members refused to allow her into the room – and instead grilled Danyela about what her boyfriend, 24-year-old Max Lomas, knew about the circumstances . . .”

Whitaker believes that all three, Nick, Danyela, and Max should be held accountable since Max and Danyela had gotten Kristina hooked on shooting up heroin the month before.  Whitaker writes, “These are all facts and I’m not going to stop voicing any of that until there is justice for my sister [Kristina] and all 3 of them go down for this (which they will).”

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