Amanda Knox, Murder of Meredith Kercher

A beacon of light shines in DARK MATTER the Amanda Knox murder case


What was running through Amanda Knox’s mind after her ‘friend’ Meredith Kercher was found stabbed to death in their shared cottage? Nick van der Leek and Lisa Wilson uncover the thoughts behind the actions of the murder suspects in their new book, DARK MATTER.

DARK MATTER follows Knox’s and Sollecito’s movements and statements to uncover what was not revealed in the press. These revelations are thought provoking and startling.

Van der Leek and Wilson begin the journey by ticking off 28 red flags that were illuminated in DECEIT before delving into the darkness of the obfuscation in the Meredith Kercher murder case with DARK MATTER.

Referencing Knox and Sollecito’s own words from their books, court documents and interviews, the authors shine a spotlight on the many inconsistencies, changes and flat out lies told by the two defendants. Written in a clear and concise narrative which entertains as well as enlightens, DARK MATTER is another blockbuster book about this murder mystery.

Van der Leek and Wilson seem to have the uncanny ability to climb into Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito’s heads, lifting the lid to uncover the thought process behind their statements and actions. Included are the many contradictions between Knox and Sollcito’s stories. One example is Knox’s bravado immediately after the murder, when she announced that she would stay in Perugia to ‘help the police’ find the ‘real’ killer. “Sherlock Knox” was on the case.

The writers sense of humor makes the book an enjoyable read while emphasizing how ridiculous some of their stories were. Van der Leek and Wilson reveal how everything Knox says and does proves to be most unhelpful to the police. Amanda and Raffaele obfuscate the truth at every twist and turn in the investigation.

Knox has said after the crime that she “should have been more rattled.” What? DARK MATTER explores the implications of this statement and many others and the results may prove to rattle her now as well as the reader.

Van der Leek also offers some of his own theories of what may have instigated a fight leading to the brutal murder of Meredith Kercher. Kercher’s boyfriend grew marijuana plants. Knox and Sollecito both confessed to be pot smokers. Knox and Sollecito have been quoted as saying that they will “Never smoke pot again!” What could this all mean? Read DARK MATTER, available on Amazon, and find out!

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