Innocence Fraud, Murder

More innocence fraud exposed in NYC


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It is being reported on May 5, 2018 that a lawyer bribed a witness to recant their testimony in order to free a murderer.  Lawyer Scott Brettschneider was going to pay a witness $100,000 to help release a convicted criminal back into society and claim he was “wrongly convicted.”  The motive was pure greed as the attorney was  planning to turn around and sue the city for millions of taxpayer dollars.

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Amanda Knox, Murder

Why is Amanda Knox allowed to get away with threatening journalists?



Over the years of the Meredith Kercher murder trial, professional journalists who covered the case have been targeted by Amanda Knox and her enablers.  The malicious attacks against journalists has been spoon fed to a largely ignorant public who seem to accept the lies spewed by Amanda Knox and her supporters.

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A Public Relations Propaganda Piece: Rolling Stone’s ‘The Neverending Nightmare of Amanda Knox’

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On June 27, 2011 Rolling Stone Magazine published an article by Nathaniel Rich titled: The Neverending Nightmare of Amanda Knox   The writer did a poor job. It was amateur work: there were false public relations points all over it, and the writer didn’t even try to be objective. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Thanks to the proliferation of pro-defense propaganda identical to that  littered throughout the Rolling Stone article, Meredith Kercher was denied justice.

Nathaniel Rich’s article is lengthy and filled with factual errors. Some parts were well-written, he is a talented writer.  However, in this case, he wrote a clearly biased article.  His story was widely circulated by pro-defense supporters.  For the sake of brevity, this article will jump to the most egregious errors found.

Rich stated in his article,

When the prosecutor hypothesizes that the victim was slaughtered during a satanic ritual orgy, you’ve got the crime story of a decade.”

The prosecutor, Dr. Giuliano Mignini, never said that there was a satanic ritual or any type of satanism ever.  This was a lie created by supporters of Amanda Knox in order to turn public opinion against the prosecution.  Nowhere in any of the court transcripts interviews, or testimonies, available here, was satanism or witchcraft ever mentioned by the prosecutor.    This accusation has been repeated incessantly by various Amanda Knox supporters in an attempt to disparage a well-respected public prosecutor.


Ex-FBI agent and crony of Steve Moore, Jim Clemente also attacked Italian prosecutor Photo Src: NellPMFdotNET

Rich then mentions a U.S. senator who questioned whether Knox got a fair trial, referring to Senator Maria Cantwell from WA, hometown of Amanda Knox and her public relations firm Gogerty Marriott.

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