Crime of the Century

How government sanctioned euthanasia led to the holocaust

Justin Trudeau appears to love the idea of killing his own people. I suppose it is the next step after closing their bank accounts. Trudeau has announced that starting in March 2023, the mentally ill can be murdered legally. This is exactly what led to the holocaust in Nazi Germany.

Before Hitler came to power, German psychiatrists were authorized to euthanize their mentally ill patients. After Hitler took power, he extended this euthanasia program to kill other ‘undesirable groups.’ Dr. Breggin states that this history of how psychiatry led to the holocaust has been suppressed over the years. He wrote an academic paper about it titled, “Psychiatry’s role in the holocaust.’

Once society accepts the idea of euthanizing certain groups, there is no end to how or who it may be used upon. Who are the current ‘useless eaters?’ In 2021 it was the unvaccinated -. Remember this? Trudeau, Biden and other rulers have been quiet about the unvaccinated recently. Let’s see if they kickstart their ‘othering the unvaxxed’ in March too.