Crime of the Century

We don’t know anything about Covid and it’s intentional

We are in an information war. You hear this again and again from various sources. Everyone knows that censorship has been a main weapon against people in online public squares. With the Covid pandemic, the distorting of information about case counts, deaths, and vaccine injuries have made it impossible to find out exactly what has happened and why.

Some examples include the Covid case counts, based on PCR tests that are not meant to be used for diagnosis and is not accurate for diagnosing an illness. In 2020 doctors were encouraged to mark patients down as Covid if they had the symptoms even if the PCR test was negative. Then the hospitals were given tens of thousands of dollars for every Covid patient, especially if they were put on a ventilator or died. This led to many deaths that were not Covid related being assigned a Covid death.

With vaccine injuries, things became even murkier. As vaccine injured were filling up emergency rooms, some hospitals implemented a protocol where if the patient was not vaccinated by the hospital system, their charts were marked ‘unknown vaccine status.” Leading doctors like Pierre Corey to think that there was an enormous number of unvaccinated people going to the emergency room – when it was in reality the opposite. Dr. Corey discovered this cover-up when he found the vaccine status deep in the charts under the nurse’s notes, stating that the patient was indeed vaccinated. He then realized the ICU were all vaccinated not unvaccinated.

But determining who was “vaccinated” was also intentionally obfuscated by the CDC declaring that you weren’t considered vaccinated until two weeks after your 2nd dose of Pfizer or Moderna or the 1st does of J&J shots. This meant that the many vaccine injuries/deaths that occurred within the two weeks of that 2nd dose, the patients were labeled “unvaccinated.” Again, falsely inflating the ‘unvaccinated’ death rates and covering up the vaccine injuries.

The information warfare continues and the cover-up over Covid is also played out in the VAERS system where vaccine injuries/deaths are reported. VAERS is supposed to be a warning system telling authorities to stop a vaccine when so many injuries/deaths occur. Not only have they not ceased the carnage, as experts attest the CDC is deleting reports from VAERS.

The Dept of Defense (DOD) also keeps a database of vaccine injuries and whistleblowers testified to this in Congress with Senator Ron Johnson. Videos of this included the 12-year-old girl Maddy De Garay. After the many testimonies of Americans suffering severe injuries from the Covid vaccines, the DOD, like VAERS began changing the data in an apparent effort to cover up the numbers of injuries/deaths in the military.

This and many other informational tactics will leave us with no firm data or way to determine exactly what happened and why with this Covid pandemic. But dead bodies from ‘SADS’ sudden adult death syndrome are piling up as Life Insurance companies have been reporting since January 2022. Wonder why, looks like we’ll never know.

2 thoughts on “We don’t know anything about Covid and it’s intentional”

  1. RE “We don’t know anything about Covid”

    This is a lie. Anyone who truly seeks the truth can and will easily see that Covid is a genocidal scam and crime against humanity —

    Stating that “We don’t know anything about Covid” is merely ADDING and SPREADING more of the lying propaganda of the leading pack of psychopaths in power.

    This site’s name should be ‘’


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