Murder groupie Michelle Moore is fangirling over a new killer

It seems like only yesterday when the wife of a former FBI agent Steven Moore, screamed at an Italian prosecutor. It was the trial about the murder of Meredith Kercher. Three individuals were found guilty based on the abundant evidence. One of the convicted killers hired a PR firm and *poof* Mr. and Mrs. Moore appeared. They spread misinformation, attacked people in person (like Dr. Mignini the prosecutor) and online.

I’ve written about “Crazy Michelle” before. Her obsessive stalking of anyone who wrote the facts about Meredith Kercher’s case was endless. Here is a little painting I did of the screaming banshee in 2017.

And another. She isn’t your regular crazy, Michelle is bonafide looney tunes (in my and many others humble opinions.)

In case you were wondering, (and I know you weren’t, me either) I stumbled upon Michelle’s latest crazy obsession; a new murderer, of course, named Luke Mitchell.

Now, either Michelle chooses her friends poorly and they all happen to be murderers OR she drives them to murder with her insanity (serious possibility) OR one could speculate that this wife of an ex-FBI agent is a murder-groupie-for-hire. She pushes their causes relentlessly, harasses anyone who knows the facts of the case and doxes, trolls, acts crazy on one and all. Michelle Moore is experienced at perverting the course of justice.

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