Murder of Meredith Kercher

Murderer Raffaele Sollecito Spouts the Same Lies

Note: This article may contain commentary reflecting the author’s opinion

The Daily Fail gets is wrong again. All three of the accused of Meredith Kercher’s murder were found guilty. Two of them (the white ones) received enormous PR backing to push the Italian courts to let Knox and Sollecito go. But they were never exonerated or found innocent. On the contrary, they could not appear guiltier.

Knox and Sollecito know they murdered Meredith. Anyone who has read the court documents, witness statements and multiple books written by professional journalists who covered the trials from beginning to end – know Knox and Sollecito are guilty. But PR (a la Daily Mail) continues to give them a platform to lie and harass the murder victim’s family.

It is sick, twisted and satanic. All the media in the world doesn’t change the truth. Knox and Sollecito: Stop seeking fame, money, and attention from the sacrificed blood you spilled! Legacy media: stop giving these ugly, lying toads a platform. They are whiny, gross demons that you are using to instigate and infuriate. The media has enough blood on its hands with all the covid lies that you really don’t need to dig any deeper to tow out these troglodytes.

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