Amanda Knox

Amanda “Pinocchio” Knox sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong- Nxivm

Amanda Knox and her innocence fraudster gang have thrown down the gauntlet towards the EDNY DOJ with regards to the Nxivm case.

They are a little late, the trial is over.  Keith Raniere was found guilty by a unanimous jury.  But this doesn’t stop attention wh*ring by the  murderess.

Times Union

Knox admits to knowing nothing about the Nxivm case.   In her ignorance she admits to signing a petition which make allegations of prosecutorial misconduct.  How would she know? The accusations are levied by Nxivm cult members who have nothing else to do but dream up ways to free their leader Vanguard aka Keith Raniere.

Helping Knox perpetuate this PR stunt is her usual sidekick Jason Flom.  They love to support guilty criminals. Birds of a feather.

Times Union

Knox and Flom keep beating the same drum, “DNA contamination” and “prosecutorial misconduct” are the two biggies.   Knox relives her own trial and immediately attacks the prosecutor – always.  She probably imagines it’s her old nemesis Giuliano Mignini himself that she is attacking.  She appears to be fighting the ghost of Mignini at every turn and trial.

While the fictitious petition doesn’t hold any ability to overturn a just conviction, it does provide a small opening for a little snake called Knox to come out and spew her lies in the media (again.)

So here we are again, Amanda Knox back in the news. *Yawn*  Slither away psycho.

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