Amanda Knox, Murder

Dr. Jordan Peterson describes Amanda Knox Psychopath harassing Kerchers over the years #amandaknox

4 thoughts on “Dr. Jordan Peterson describes Amanda Knox Psychopath harassing Kerchers over the years #amandaknox”

  1. So, here’s the thing …

    Everbody [nearly everyone ;-)] knows she was involved. Most people think she did it ….. with her own hands.

    Even the ISC suspects her involvement (… she was inside the cottage during the time Meredith was murdered, … she washed Meredith’s blood off her hands and so on and so on).


    The rest is degenerated to a boring Ping – Pong – Game amongst supporters and those who are convinced of her guilt.

    Hey, there’s a lot of evidence …… on the one hand.
    No, no, nonsense ! There’s no evidence …… on the other hand.

    No sense in this … in my mind.

    Evidence shows that three people have been involved: Sollecito, Knox and Guede.

    Two of these people denied in the past, are still denying now and will deny in future: Knox and Sollecito.

    Just one of those three who have been present personally is able to finally get things straight … to bring out the truth, the real objective truth … not Knoxes (obviously false) truth and / or Sollecito’s (obviously false) truth.

    This person is Rudy Guede.

    Rudy Guede is the only one on earth who can stop this “second – rate – theatre”… and …. he should do so.

    Rudy Guede has done his time. There’s no “turning back the clock” for him. There’s nothing to fear for him in future times.

    So it’s (high !) time to tell the truth now, the whole truth & nothing but the truth.

    Meredith deserves this. Meredith’s family deserves this. The entire world deserves

    Come on Rudy Gude: It’s due to the truth.


    1. Yes … latest in 2020. Hopefully. Will be a Bestseller …

      The killing of Meredith Kercher was one of the most horrific crimes in younger history.
      A couple of insane yobs slaughtered a completely innocent girl … just for fun, to take “revenge” and / or just to satisfy their morbid insticts.

      Standing in front of Meredith grave at Croydon Cemetery / Mitcham Road breaks your heart.

      Senseless … completely senseless ….

      Again: Rudy Guede, tell us the truth !


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