#AmandaKnox plagiarizes Amber Hilberling


Amber Hilberling was a 19-year-old pregnant newlywed in an abusive relationship with an alleged drug addict husband who had been kicked out of the air force for his drug activities.  The couple lived in a Tulsa, OK high rise building built with cheap windows.  The glass was as thin as the ones used in picture frames.  In one of their many arguments she pushed Josh and he crashed through the window, plummeted almost 20 stories to his death.

In the aftermath, Josh’s mother slung salacious accusations against the heavily pregnant teenager.  The press and social media storm vilified Amber.  This may have led to her being wrongfully convicted and given a 25-year sentence.  Amber lost a subsequent appeal and soon after she committed suicide (some feel she was murdered) in prison at the age of 25.  She was a young,  beautiful woman who left a child behind.

Amanda Knox would love for you to think she is just like her.  Amanda Knox has said many strange things, some of which she appears to have stolen.  In her recent netflix movie, her famous “I am you” phrase was said before by a prisoner who was showcased on the television series “Locked Up.”

Amanda Knox Plagiarizes Prisoner

Now another example of Amanda’s plagiarism has surfaced (see video above.)  Knox took the words of a distraught, pregnant widow whose husband had just died in an apparent tragic accident and used it to describe her murdered roommate.  Apparently Amanda needed help finding the words of someone who is distraught over someone else’s death.

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