Amanda Knox turns Meredith Kercher murder into a lucrative business

It is being reported on January 27, 2018 that former murder convict, Amanda Knox, receives up to $10,000 per speaking engagement about events surrounding the murder of Meredith Kercher.  Knox has spoken at various businesses, high schools/colleges and conferences in the U.S. and Canada.  Most recently she spoke to students at Roanoke College in Salem, VA.

In her carefully crafted speech, Knox claims to be helping those who have been wrongly convicted while pocketing five to ten thousand dollars per show.


Meredith Kercher was a 21-year-old student who was tortured then stabbed to death on November 1, 2007 in Perugia, Italy.  Many believe Knox was directly involved and she was found guilty twice for the murder before a controversial acquittal in 2015.

RAI Italian news article

Over the past decade since the crime, Knox helped script a music video,  published a memoir, given countless interviews, written blogs, spoken at various events, and starred in a self-named movie on Netflix.   In 2017, shortly before the tenth anniversary of Meredith’s death, Knox announced that she plans to return to Perugia to shoot a reality show.  Currently Knox is hosting a Vice video series funded by social media giant Facebook.  All of Knox’s endeavors center around Meredith Kercher’s murder case.

The lawyer for the Kercher family, Francesco Maresca spoke out about the news of Amanda’s latest paid performance at Roanoke College:

marescaYoutube“I hope you understand how inappropriate this behavior is and how the family of Meredith Kercher can be affected ”  said lawyer Francesco Maresca, legal representative of the family members of the young English girl killed in Perugia.

He commented on the paid tour of Amanda Knox to American colleges to talk about the crime. Speaking with ANSA about the “bad taste” of this enterprise.
“Amanda Knox never ceases to surprise us,” said lawyer Maresca. “I keep thinking’ he added, ‘that she should thank the Italian justice system for declaring her acquitted despite two previous heavy convictions.  Instead she engages in offensive commercial initiatives [exploiting] the memory of poor Meredith. ‘Certainly,’ concluded the lawyer–‘tacky .’ “

Maresco continued:

“Amanda Knox should think about her life without continuing to talk about this sad affair from which she is the only one to  profit , in terms of both fame and money”.


4 thoughts on “Amanda Knox turns Meredith Kercher murder into a lucrative business”

  1. I want to make an appeal to Rudy Guede:

    Rudy Guede, courts ruled that you didn’t wield the knife. Courts sent you to prison as an accomplice “to others”. You did your time now. You’re about to get a new start now.

    Those “others” continue to blame it all on you …. without tangible evidence of course but lucrative. They’re gaining a lot of money with this.

    For how long you’re going to look at this ?

    Your guilt is obvious. Same applies to “the others”. But their guilt has not been atoned yet.


    Refuse to be the “perfect scapegoat” any longer. Stand up now. Speak out now. Tell the whole thing now.

    For the Kerchers, for yourself, for the entire world and …. for the truth !

    There’s nothing to fear for you. There’s nothing to lose for you. Take the chance and give it a try.

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  2. One reason Knox gets these speaking gigs is that she has gone full feminist and leftist which places her in alignment with ‘oppressed’ groups, that is, women, minorities, homosexuals, and those unjustly convicted. These groups sponsor and pay her for a recitation of her oppression at the hands of the Italian justice process while ignoring the mountain of evidence against her. She was not convicted because of her slutty ways or male oppression.

    Knox has an internet TV program whose theme is condemnation of those who shame women for being so called ‘sluts’. Probably hits home to Knox. I believe this was the basis for the conflict between her and Meredith. While Meredith seemingly was ‘straight-laced’, she was not a prude and she apparently demanded some commitment, affection, and emotional attachment from her partner before sex. Knox was the opposite.

    While any campaign against the unjustly convicted and imprisonment of innocents is a worthy cause, Knox is not the best messenger. Yet these ‘innocence’ warriors can be corrupt as well. If an inmate becomes freed and conviction overturned, well, by god, ‘thars gold in them thar hills.’ While those unjustly convicted should be handsomely compensated, the sharks are always circulating and looking for marginal cases where an ‘innocent’ might be sprung and always with an eye toward the gold.

    I believe the lines of the rebel song she chirped out was probably done without thought. She doesn’t strike me as one who has any deep knowledge or concern about history.

    The title of her book, “Waiting to be Heard” may have come from her subconscious in reference to her abandonment by her father. She waited and waited for him to come home to her and he never did. She waited for him to listen to her and form a close relationship. Amanda never disclosed any happy times spent with her father where he came to see her simply because he wanted her closeness. True he came through when she became locked up, but that was because he had to, not from a sense of emotional support but from obligation. Yeah many kids are emotionally abandoned and don’t become criminals, but, a broken home is the best predictor of future criminal behaviour. The title to her book might have been, “Father, I’m Waiting to be Heard”.

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  3. An excellent comment by Travis.

    Yes, I fully agree.

    There are certainly a bunch of causes. But indeed, the main might be a emotional disturbance. The crime can be explained by her personal history. Amanda Knox seems to be a person completely unable to deal with rejection and / or withdrawal of attention. A very low threshold can be recognized in this respect.

    But what about today ?

    Now the crime itself completely determines her present behavior. Classically … like pulled by a string.

    No one want’s to be a „bad guy“, a „monster“ and – not at all – a coward murderer of a beautiful, defenseless young woman.

    The best way to escape from that trap is to take on the role of the / a victim. Victims are socially acepted … killers aren’t.

    Her innermost cries out loud every day: Amanda, you’re a killer. Amanda, you’re a monster … Amanda, take care … people possibly can see this.

    She’s not able to stand this brutal reality. Nobody should see this reality. So the only solution is …… to take on the role as „the victim“. Playing the victim, talking like a victim, to behave like a victim, constantly claiming to be the victim ….. day by day, night by night …. for the rest of life.

    A mentally ill child will die as a mentally ill old lady someday …

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