Murder, Murder of Meredith Kercher

Trump paid Amanda Knox’s legal fees and she didn’t thank him

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While some may debate whether she was involved or not, it is an ineluctable fact that Amanda Knox has made a considerable fortune from the murder of Meredith Kercher. Even after raking in millions from her book deal, interviews and donations, Amanda Knox and her family have always claimed to be destitute from the legal fees. However, it turns out that President Donald Trump paid Amanda’s legal tab.  No only this, she never even thanked him for it.

A close friend of President Trump, entrepreneur Guido Lombardi reveals that Trump

“paid legal fees” of Amanda Knox but”was disappointed because Amanda has never thanked him.

This is not the first time the ‘ice queen‘ has given Trump the cold shoulder. Trump appeared on television to publicly support Knox and even called for a boycott of Italy until she was released.

President Trump publicly supported Amanda Knox and paid her legal bills.

In return,  Knox stabbed President Trump in the back during the recent presidential election by publicly supporting Clinton.  As if that wasn’t ob-knox-ious  enough, Amanda also wrote an article spouting that Trump’s support supposedly harmed her.  Amanda writes:

Amanda Knox blogs that Trump’s support harmed her in court.

Knox’s former cellmates at Capanne prison relayed the same icy experiences of Amanda Knox’s selfish and churlish ways.

When Amanda Knox arrived she didn’t have sheets, towels, shampoo, or soap so we gave her some but she wasn’t appreciative.”

Another inmate helped Amanda get ready for court by braiding or plaiting her hair.  Amanda never thanked her either.

“Another prisoner, Patricia, did plaits for her when she went to the tribunal but Amanda just said: ‘It looks OK.’ not even: ‘Thank you.’ Patricia was amazed.”

Image result for court amanda knox 2009
Amanda Knox got her hair braided by cellmate and never thanked her for it.

There were other shared experiences of Amanda’s noxious ways, one was that they would share their food with Amanda but she wouldn’t share her food with them.

After doing some research, it appears Amanda Knox has garnered at least $15 million (this is a modest figure) from her book deal, interviews and donations.  If Trump paid her legal bills, this number is higher as Raffaele Sollecito admitted his half of the fees were less then a million.

Whatever her legal fees were, now it’s known that President Trump paid them.  So why was Amanda Knox’s family claiming to be “penniless after legal ordeal” as recently as 2015?

Amanda Knox’s family claim to be penniless but President Trump paid their legal bills.


4 thoughts on “Trump paid Amanda Knox’s legal fees and she didn’t thank him”

  1. Gratefulness is one of the social standards. An important norm I think.
    Gratefulness esteems your opposite and restraines the own person.
    A sociopath does not know / respect social norms.
    A sociopath does not know feelings of shame, guilt, remorse and / or the necessity of gratefulness.

    The only person Amanda Knox really loves is …… Amanda Knox (perhaps except her
    german “Oma” who is often mentioned by her).

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  2. Interesting. I haven’t seen this info before but it doesn’t surprise me. I think she’s a bit of a sociopath. Early abandonment by father may have played a part.


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