ECHR: Evidence that the police did NOT cause Amanda Knox to falsely accuse Patrick Lumumba of murder


It is well-known that Amanda Knox accused Patrick Lumumba of murder on November 5, 2007.  This led her to be convicted of calunnia or criminal slander.   A conviction upheld by the Italian Supreme Court in 2015.   Now Amanda Knox is trying to appeal this conviction through the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).  She claims the police coerced her to name Patrick.  However, there is evidence that Amanda Knox conspired with Raffaele Sollecito to blame Patrick Lumumba the day before Amanda accused Patrick.

On Sunday, November 4, 2007 Amanda was brought to the police station.  Raffaele was always with Amanda and the two of them waited in a bugged room together.

e9e4dd470483eff0e85ad89ebd293eacAn interpreter, Aida Colantone, listened in on their conversation.  Ms. Colantone later testified about it in court.  While she was not allowed to divulge exactly what they said, the interpreter did state that Amanda and Raffaele discussed, in worried lowered voices, two men: Patrick Lumumba and Hicham (Shaky) Khiri.

 Testimony of Aida Colantone

GM: Is this the one on fourth of November?
AC: We are still taking about November 4.
GM: Do you remember if …Amanda and Raffaele were talking?

AC: The tone was that at some point the two of them were practically whispering between themselves, and then obviously we understood that they were close to each other, they were whispering together and Raffaele asks Amanda about someone…
GCM: You cannot report or mention these because perhaps these elements were acquired through the intercepts.
AC: A certain (Shaky/Sceic) was mentioned several times, but…
GM:I asked this question before and it was also made by the defense, without telling about the content, but did the referral to these people take place or not?
AC: I have told this before, the owner of Le Chic was mentioned and then a certain (Shaky/Sceic) multiple times. . . .
AC: I know that the police conducted investigations on this (Shaky/ Sceic), who was mentioned several times.
GM:You also mentioned earlier that they talked about Patrick?
AC: Come again?
GM: The proprietor of Le Chic.
AC: Yes. . . .
AC: About this (Shaky/Sceic). . .
GM: You said you were listening the conversation. When these two names were mentioned, was the tone of voice the same during the entire conversation or was it raised or lowered at some point?
AC: No, they lowered their voices, so if I can’t report the contents…
GM: No.
AC: The tone of their voices was lowered as if the youngsters were, at least Amanda made it clear that there was a man she was worried about.
GCM: And at this point the tone was lowered?
AC: Yes. And they were definitely close to each other. . .
GCM:But the kind of behavior that could be perceived from listening.
AC:Your honor, the conduct or the words? Or at least a summary of the content?
GCM:Not the content no, not even as a summary. But you were saying that at certain moments, at certain times the tone was lowered.
AC:Yes, the tone was lowered.
GM:Was it lowered in relation to…?
AC:I understood that they were talking about something that was worrying them.

Why would Amanda and Raffaele be discussing Shaky and Patrick only 2 days after the murder?    They didn’t socialize with them. What did Shaky and Patrick have in common?  They both had met Meredith, were both African, and they were both hated by Amanda.  They would both make perfect scapegoats!

Amanda was reportedly angry with Patrick for firing her from Le Chic and offering Meredith a job.  Patrick knew Amanda was angry with him and spoke about it in interviews.  Hicham (Shaky) Khiri, a friend of Meredith and her British friends, was also hated by Amanda because he didn’t take her right home when she requested.  He once offered Amanda a lift on his bike but took her out for a cupcake instead of taking her right home.

Amanda wrote about her disdain for Shaky in her memoir and also in her email home in the early morning hours of Sunday, Nov 4, 2007:

“later than that another guy showed up and was taken in for questioning, a guy i dont like but who both meredith and i knew from different occasions, a morracan guy that i only know by his nickname amongst the girls “shaky”.”

Amanda would also later testify in court about how much she disliked Hicham aka Shaky.

While we are not allowed to know exactly what Raffaele and Amanda were whispering worriedly with regards to Shaky (Hicham Khiri) and Patrick Lumumba on Nov 4th, it is striking that they are discussing them at all.  Why would the two murder suspects be discussing two men who had absolutely nothing with Meredith Kercher’s murder?  It appears that they were deciding on a patsy!
 Since police investigated Shaky, who had an alibi, he worked that night and gave a friend a ride to the parking lot. That left Patrick.  The next day after Amanda and Raffaele had their hushed “worried” whispers about Patrick, Amanda would suddenly accuse him of murdering Meredith Kercher in vivid detail.
“In my mind I saw Patrik in flashes of blurred images. I saw him near the basketball court. I saw him at my front door. I saw myself cowering in the kitchen with my hands over my ears because in my head I could hear Meredith screaming.”
One may derive from the seemingly intense back and forth whispering between the lovers, that Amanda may not have wanted to blame Patrick.  However, the following night, Raffaele tightened the screws on Amanda by taking away her alibi.
On November 5th night, Raffaele told the police that he had been lying because Amanda told him to lie for her.  In his statement to the police describing his whereabouts on the night of the murder, Raffaele said:
“At 21:00 I went home alone because Amanda told me that she was going to go to the pub Le Chic because she wanted to meet some friends.
At this point we said goodbye and I headed home while she headed towards the center.
I went home alone, sat at the computer and rolled myself a spliff. Surely I had dinner but I don’t remember what I ate. Around 23:00 my father called at my home number 075.9660789. During that time I remember Amanda had not come back yet.
I browsed at my computer for another two hours after my father’s phone call and only stopped when Amanda came back presumably around 1:00.”
Raffaele told police he was not with Amanda on the night of the murder.  He said that he was at home while Amanda went to visit Patrick’s bar Le Chic!
When the police informed Amanda that Raffaele did not support her alibi of being with him the night of the murder, Amanda instantly accused Patrick.

Testimony of Amanda Knox’s  interpreter, Anna Donnino, on Nov 5th night:

GM: Do you remember the expressions she used when she decided to make these declarations?

AD: I remember perfectly this continual gesture of putting her hands on her ears, of shaking her head, saying… she was also saying something as regards Patrick, saying: “It’s him! He’s bad”. I also had the impression from her words that she was afraid of him, she was saying this, and she also said, she also said it to me, that she in the course of the night had made this gesture because she was hiding in the kitchen because she was hearing the screams of the girl, the screams of her…

Later on Amanda would blame the police for her false accusation.  However, according to Aida Colantone, Amanda and Raffaele appeared to have decided to blame Patrick the day before Amanda apparently broke down and officially accused Patrick of murder on Nov 5th.

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