Amanda Knox, Murder of Meredith Kercher

Amanda Knox’s tortured LIES in pictures

After reading the recent article on True Justice For Meredith Kercher, ”

Revenge of the Knox, Series 4: Exposing The Tortured Logic That Permeates Her Book #2

A must read for anyone interested in this case.  The below pictures help to illustrate Amanda’s ‘tortured logic’ aka lies even more.

Amanda Knox wrote in her memoir:

[Chapter 6, Page 66] ” …. I went to the big bathroom to use Filomena’s blow dryer and was stashing it back against the wall when I noticed poop in the toilet. No one in the house would have left the toilet unflushed. Could there have been a stranger here? Was someone in the house when I was in the shower? I felt a lurch of panic and the prickly feeling you get when you think someone might be watching you.”

Pic 1


Pic 2

Only problem is:  The blowdryer is no where near the toilet. (Pic 1)

If Amanda really had taken a shower and had wet hair, then she would have stood in front of the mirror (Pic 2) which is also far away from the toilet. There is no way she could have innocently noticed poop in the toilet.

In addition,  Amy Frost testified that Raffaele said that she  didn’t shower at all:

No. She had decided not to take the shower because she had seen the blood and had to return to his house. Then both of them had gone to Meredith’s house. Then she tried to kick in the door of Meredith’s room. And then he also said that for both of them it had seemed strange that the poo in the toilet had disappeared.
GM (Giuliano Mignini Prosecutor):
Before we go on, one more question. So it was Raffaele who told you this?
So Raffaele told you that Amanda had seen the blood and then she had not had the shower.
Knox goes on to write:

[Chapter 6, Page 75] ” .… In the middle of my muddy thoughts I had one that was simple and clear: “We have to tell the police that the poop was in Filomena and Laura’s bathroom when I put the hair dryer away and was gone when we came back,” I told Raffaele. The poop must have belonged to the killer. Was he there when I took my shower? Would he have killed me, too?”

 Pictures below, taken from the doorway to the bathroom clearly show that the inside of the toilet with the pink seat cannot be seen.

Knox says that she was panicked by the poop in the larger bathroom but not bothered at all by the blood in her smaller bathroom that she shared with Meredith Kercher.

Amanda is clearly caught in yet another lie.  She created this story about noticing the contents of the toilet to distract the police from the other bathroom.  You know, the one with all of the blood that didn’t bother her so much.


dsc_0216[Chapter 6, Page 65] ” …. I wasn’t alarmed by two pea-size flecks of blood in the bathroom sink that Meredith and I shared.
There wadsc_0206.jpgs another smear on the faucet. Weird. I’d gotten my ears pierced. Were they bleeding? I scratched the droplets with my fingernail. They were dry. Meredith must have nicked herself.  It wasn’t until I got out of the shower that I noticed a reddish-brown splotch about the size of an orange on the bathmat. More blood. Could Meredith have started her period and dripped? But then, how would it have gotten on the sink?”

Amanda actually lies and says that she thought this huge footprint in blood on the bathmat was from Meredith’s period.  This is where Knox capitalizes on people’s (men’s) ignorance and repulsion of menstruation.  But Knox isn’t fooling any women.  Any female knows that if you have that much blood in a period – you’d better get to a hospital fast because no period in the world causes that mess.  Internal bleeding maybe or a stab wound but not a period.  Amanda  knew this and she lied about it.

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