Murder, Murder of Meredith Kercher

Rudy Guede: Amanda Knox knows the whole truth


Rudy Guede’s interview with Cursed Stories (Storie Maledette) aired on Italian television on Thursday night. According to Franca Leosini, Guede turned down many lucrative interview offers, choosing her show because of its professionalism and credibility.    Many Italians tuned into the show and simultaneously turned to Twitter to tweet their opinions (#StorieMaledette). The general consensus was that Guede (pronounced Gwede) was impressive, believable and appeared more intellectual than Knox and Sollecito.



Guede was described as being the polar opposite of how he has been depicted in the media for the past eight years as a  “drifter” and career criminal.  Also, unlike Knox and Sollecito, he refused to accept any payment for his interview (Knox and Sollecito have earned millions from writing and talking about Meredith’s murder.)  Guede used his foray on the media to dispel some of the most common myths about him. He said the rumors about him being a criminal and drifter are false.

He described in detail what happened when he was found in a Kindergarten in Milan. He said that a friend opened the door for him and that he had bought the laptop second hand.  He said that he did not steal it. He also said that there was a knife on a table in the pre-school and the police put it in his bag thinking it was his. Proof of his story was presented by the fact that he was not charged with anything.

About the night Meredith Kercher was murdered, Guede basically reiterated everything that he has already said in the past. However, this time it was directly from him to the public and people described him as being enviably eloquent in his rendition of events.



He stated that he was invited to the cottage by Meredith and that they had kissed.  They did not have sex, allegedly because neither of them had protection.  He reaffirms that Meredith complained about Knox’s lack of cleanliness and missing rent money.  His stomach began to bother him so he took a drink of juice (with permission) from the fridge and proceeded to the larger bathroom.  While in the restroom he heard the doorbell ring.  Guede said that Knox had to ring because Meredith had put her key in the lock from the inside.

Guede continued, “I recognized the voice of Amanda Knox – I am 100% sure it was her – and I heard the two begin to argue. I was in the bath for 10-11 minutes – said the Ivorian – and I know it because I listened to the music: two pieces whole and the third up to half. Then I heard a scream louder than the volume of the headphones I had in my ears. It was heartbreaking. ”

Rudy goes on to describe the same sequence of incidents as before but he reaffirms that he not only heard Amanda Knox but also saw her running away after Meredith was stabbed.  Some viewers felt that  Guede did not seem to be as certain of Raffaele Sollecito’s presence in the cottage as Amanda’s.  He said he was cut in the hand by the male intruder who said, “Black man found, guilty man found.”

Guede attempted to save Meredith, trying to staunch the blood with towels.  He claims Meredith tried to tell him something saying, “Af af” before she passed.  He panicked and ran away.  Instead of calling for help, try to help the girl with towels. Meredith also tries to say a sentence and he pins the letters on the wall with the same girl’s blood. ‘Then fear prevailed on me and I ran away .'”

He emphasized that he did not break into the cottage that night to climb in but was invited in by Meredith.  He also pointed out that his DNA was not in the room of the staged break-in nor was his DNA on the murder weapon.  He also referred to the final judgement by the Italian Supreme Court that acquitted Knox and Sollecito.  “If we read the Cassation issued judgment it is clear, we read that they [Knox and Sollecito] are there, in that house, they were. ”

Guede points out that he was convicted of being an accessory to other people who murdered Meredith.  He was not convicted of wielding the knife. I have been accused of complicity in murder and sexual violence, but all sentences say that I have nothing to do with the murder weapon . “

Guede also indirectly confirms the clean-up and staging of the crime scene which he had no part in.  He said, There was no one at home when I ran away and I left the bedroom door open.  Meredith was dressed and there was order .’ A situation completely different from that found the next day by the police.”

Then Guede boldly said,

If Raffaele Sollecito argues that I know the whole truth I tell him that I think he and Knox the know.’ In Meredith’s room there are only traces of Rudy Guede: ‘These traces I left because I tried to save Meredith. There are even traces of Knox in her room.’

In summary, Guede’s television appearance allowed him to re-introduce himself to the public and prove that he was not the scoundrel as he has been portrayed in the media and by his co-defendants.    Now that he is finishing a Bachelors degree in History, with honors, he felt it was time to tell his version of what happened the night Meredith Kercher was slain and to assert his innocence.

Guede closed with an apology: “I apologize to the family of Meredith for not trying to save this girl. If I have to do 20 years for failing to help this girl, is fine with me. But I can not do a single day prison for the murder of Meredith. ”


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