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Amanda Knox attorney has home burglarized

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It is being reported on January 11, 2016 that Carlo dalla Vedova, the criminal defense lawyer for Amanda Knox has had his home robbed.   Mr. dalla Vedova was out of town when his Rome residence was ransacked.

An alert neighbor raised the alarm when he noticed that dalla Vedova’s front door had been tampered with.   Dalla Vedova’s apartment is located near Piazzale Flaminio in Rome, Italy.  The thieves got away with his silver, watches and jewelry.  The identity of the robbers remains unknown.

This is a difficult time for the attorney to be burgled as the final arguments in Amanda Knox’s slander trial are reported to be taking place this week.  Shortly after this, Amanda Knox’s parents have a separate slander trial on January 18, 2016.




1 thought on “Amanda Knox attorney has home burglarized”

  1. Probably police investigating him and his Mafia related business dealings 🙂 The lawyer’s office Rudy Guede supposedly burglarized also had some shady clients. The burglars apparently used the photo copy machine as well as stealing a notebook with confidential files.

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