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Amanda Knox – The Mendacity Tour – first stop Loyola Law Chicago

Make no mistake about it, Amanda Knox, the twice convicted murderess is gloating in her galoshes.  After the Italian Supreme court released it’s controversial reasoning report for her acquittal, she is now launching her second offensive in mainstream media -The Mendacity tour.

First stop, Loyola University Law School in Chicago.  They recently tweeted that the “world’s most famous exoneree” will be a guest speaker in December.

“Exoneree”?  Really?  The definition of ‘exoneree’ according to Oxford dictionary, exonerate: “(Of an official body) absolve (someone) from blame for a fault or wrongdoing”

Were Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito found to be free from blame in the brutal killing of Meredith Kercher? Not at all.  The reasoning report does not say anything like that.  Instead the courts claimed “insufficient evidence” was to blame for their not convicting them of murder.  (Article 530.2 of the Italian code of criminal procedure, found not guilty on the basis of insufficient evidence.)

The Italian Supreme court confirmed their presence in the crime scene complete with Amanda Knox washing Meredith’s blood from her hands.   The court finalized Amanda Knox’s conviction for criminal slander for accusing an innocent black man for the murder.  Knox was sentenced to three years, time served for her conviction of calunnia.


In addition to all of this, Amanda Knox is currently on trial for another slander suit.  Knox faces an additional 2 – 6 years for slandering the police and an interpreter.

Surely the law students, alumni, and faculty at Loyola are aware of all of this, so why invite her to “share her story.”  Don’t they realize that she has a proven track record as a repeat liar who has conjured up and convinced herself of her own fantasies of what happened?  Loyola encourages this?

Does Loyola make it a habit to invite convicted criminals to luncheons at $100 per ticket / $2,500 per table? This public relations stunt appears to be nothing short of an act of defiance.  Knox apparently wants to get back at the Italian courts by holding a talk with the clout of a law school, under the false banner of ‘fully exonerated.’   Lies upon lies.

Her defiance was explained by Dr. Andrew Hodges in his book, As Done Unto You. In his opinion Knox’s repressed rage led her to stab a beautiful Erasmus scholar, Meredith Kercher to death.

” . . .Amanda’s “suppression” of rage [vs.] her “repression” of rage. Suppressed rage means rage of which Amanda was consciously aware— and there wasn’t any. She just wrote about violence. Repressed rage means total denial of her fury buried in the unconscious behind massive mental walls impenetrable to the conscious mind. It’s the difference between “firecracker anger” such as slamming a door, and surprising “TNT rage” that erupts into uncontrollable violence. Amanda’s brutal creative stories revealed her walled-off fury.”

Back to Loyola, why are they entertaining this “Kim Kardashian of injustice”?  Do they believe that they can break this apparently disturbed former fugitive of the law? Get her to finally confess?  In the end, all they will get  is Amanda Knox’s ‘best truth’ which will be nothing but tall tales.

After this PR fiasco, they may have to change their school name to ‘Lie-ola’.



3 thoughts on “Amanda Knox – The Mendacity Tour – first stop Loyola Law Chicago”

  1. Never underestimate the lengths some people will go to feel good about themselves and their purpose in life. Those behind Loyola Law’s ‘Life After Innocence’ fundraising event — starring wrongly acquitted murderer Amanda Knox, yet rightfully convicted of obstruction of justice (US law), Amanda Knox, have fouled up big time in this ludicrous selection of a supposed example of innocence. What happened? Couldn’t they find an actual real-life example of a wrongfully convicted innocent on whom to focus their fundraising efforts?

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  2. This event has strong implications of a scandal. I wrote asking the number of tickets sold to date. That, and the names of person/s involved in the decision to invite Knox to appear at Loyola. Below is the only response I received. To clarify, it can appear that Ms. Stead has already supplied some details. This is not the case and the text below remains the only communication from lifeafterinnocence (Loyola). No editing of Ms. Stead’s correspondence has carried out.. Obviously, it begs the question as to why this group is withholding information. Getting blanked by a student is a first for me, and I see no rational explanation.

    ‘Sorry Stan, we cannot offer you anymore information. We wish you the best of luck’.

    Ashley Stead
    Student Director

    Life After Innocence
    Loyola University Chicago School of Law

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