Interview with trial reporter Jen Wood


Want to know the details behind the courtroom doors? Take a peek inside Jen’s Trial Diary to read what really happens in our criminal courtrooms plus all the latest news!

Jen Wood is a Trial Reporter covering high profile trials across the nation.

She writes on her website, thetrialdiaries.com, “I have always been interested in the criminal justice system and have had a love for going to trials for a long time. I have education in the criminal justice field and love watching the inner workings of how our criminal system works! I have sat in on many trials over the years some more high profile than others. I’ve recently covered Jodi Arias, Richard Chrisman, Marissa DeVault, Steven DeMocker, Bryan Wayne Hulsey and countless others online. I’ve appeared on national news such as HLN, Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell and Dr. Drew. I’ve also been a Jodi Arias news correspondent for Az stations, national/local radio and have appeared on crime shows such as Snapped and Discovery ID. I’m working on many other projects that keep me busy as there’s never a shortage of trials.”

In this interview Jen discusses some of the trials she has reported on, including:

  • James Holmes
  • Jodi Arias
  • Richard Chrisman – police officer killed man high on meth
  • Marissa DeVault – killed husband with hammer, Cook falsely confessed
  • Steven DeMocker – Prosecutors landed convictions in the case by relying heavily on circumstantial evidence. No DNA, eyewitnesses, blood, a confession or other evidence tied DeMocker directly to the crime. Prosecutors told jurors that DeMocker killed Kennedy to cash in on her life insurance policy and to avoid monthly alimony payments at a time when he was deep in debt. Wife was on the phone with her mother at time of murder.
  • Bryan Wayne Hulsey- shot and killed a police officer

Click here to listen to interview with Jen Wood (blogtalkradio.com)

Click here to listen to interview with Jen Wood

Part 1

Part 2 (youtube.com)

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