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Interview with Dr. Andrew G. Hodges author of As Done Unto You -Amanda Knox


Dr. Andrew G. Hodges a practicing psychotherapist and nationally recognized forensic profiler has developed a method of profiling and examining forensic documents and oral communications.

This method is known as thoughtprint decoding. This discovery reveals that the unconscious mind possesses a brilliant super intelligence vastly superior to our conscious mind’s ability to observe and communicate.

Dr. Hodges has been involved in many cases including: OJ Simpson (he presented at Quantico at an FBI conference)/ JonBenet Ramsey –he’s written 2 books + an 80 page profile for Boulder authorities/ Natalee Holloway- he wrote a book and was on a search boat looking for her body and he knows where it is/ he also created a profile of the serial killer BTK/he worked on a Casey Anthony profile/ and now Amanda Knox
–all of his work is from spontaneous writings of the suspects -where they must confess thru thoughtprints.
Dr Hodges has published 8 books:

The Deeper Intelligence
Into the Deep: The Hidden Confession of Natalee Holloway’s killer
A Mother Gone Bad: The Hidden Confession of JonBenet’s Killer

And his latest book which he discusses in the podcast:
As Done Unto You: The Secret Confession of Amanda Knox
All of these books are available for purchase on

Click here to listen to podcast interview with Dr. Andrew G. Hodges (Blogtalkradio)

Interview with Dr. Andrew G. Hodges about his book As Done Unto You – The Secret Confession of Amanda Knox (Soundcloud)

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