Is Amanda Knox a Psychopath? What the Hare Psychopathy Checklist Reveals


1 thought on “Is Amanda Knox a Psychopath? What the Hare Psychopathy Checklist Reveals”

  1. I worked on forensic psychiatric wards for nearly 2 decades mostly our patients had schizophrenia but due to Personality Disorder being classed as mental illness in the U.K I worked with a few psychopaths and they stood out. They quickly established themselves as top of the heirachy on the ward, superficially charming, intelligent, grandiose and often contemptuous of their fellow patients and even staff. I remember one guy who prepared for appointments with his doctor as if he were about to attend a board meeting, he’d very violently murdered his wife in front of his children with an axe, he showed no remorse, he blamed his wife’s behaviour and complained that drugs had ruined his life. He claimed he was a businessman but he wasn’t. Whilst it’s true that this man had been taking drugs you would think that once he had sobered up he would have felt horror and remorse…not a bit of it, that man slept like a baby, other patients generally had real dips in their mental state when anniversaries of their index offense came around even when their victims had been strangers.


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